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JULY 22, 2018

View: 8th Row Middle

Hard to imagine that it’s been twenty years since Cracker released Gentleman’s Blues, that record received a lot of the band’s attention, like the lo-fi, downbeat James River and Hold Of Myself. Though their set began with more recent songs, Almond Grove and a nod to Buck Owens, King of Bakersfield. They have honed their ironic redneck-shtick to perfection, beautifully captured on Low, Teen Angst and crowd favorite, Euro Trash Girl.

Johnny Hickman took the helm for his Lonesome Johnny Blues. David Lowery gave his best surfpunk vocal on Mr. Wrong:

I drive a one-eyed Malibu without a muffler

And a tape deck that works if you kick it hard enough

Baby if you like to read I got some great pornography

And a ten-pound flashlight rolling in the trunk

Encore, I See The Light, from their debut, was a reminder that what the world needs now is Cracker.

Published Record Collector Magazine Online Aug. 2018


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