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Infinity Music Hall Hartford, Connecticut USA

July 26, 2017

View: Balcony

DBT Guitarists Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley exchanged heartfelt stories of trailer-park intrigue that would make Lefty Frizzell cry and blush. New release American Band is brimming with tales of mental instability and life at the margins, like Baggage and Sun Don’t Shine. The Living Bubba’s immortal words rang true for every bar band traveling across the country – “I Can’t die now ‘cause I got another show to do.”

Despite Brad Morgan’s mountain-man beard and red, white and blue drums a Black Lives Matter sign nearby was a reminder that rebellion is as much a staple of the Southern US as patriotism, nowhere clearer than songs like Ramon Casiano and Ever South. The only cover, bassist Matt Patton’s take on The Ramones’ KKK Took My Baby Away, was oddly appropriate.

They left with the damaged beauty of Once They Banned Imagine and World Of Hurt. Their freak flag still flies, looking better than ever.

Published by: Record Collector Magazine

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