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Frantic – Conception -  Italian import (Akarma)


   Frantic was a Day-Glo hybrid of the hard rock scene circa 1971. Led by gut-busting singer, Max Byfuglin, they were one of countless bands that criss-crossed the US finding inspiration in Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer and marijuana. This set dances around from psych to hard rock and even folk, possibly containing the most overwrought version of Morning Dew on record.

   As with most rock bands, conception itself is an important topic and songs like More Of A Man, Wicked Woman and Baby, pay a lot of attention to the fairer sex. Elsewhere a regrettable version of Hey Joe is set on simmer and left there. Her And Her Mountain is worth hearing for lyrics that would make even Jon Anderson blush:

        She keeps to herself ‘cause she knows love will only bring pain,

        She tries not to cry but even a mountain has rain

   That said their arrangements are extremely tight and there are a few gems; including a rollicking version of the Pretty Things’ Midnight To Six Man and Scitnarf, where you can imagine John Kay fronting the Yardbirds.



Published in Ugly Things Magazine

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