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 You’d think it would be enough for a performer to star on Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 greatest guitarists. But Robben Ford also possesses a tenor that soared on songs like Allen Toussaint’s Fair Child and Rose Of Sharon, from his new release, Into The Sun.

   He simmered through Charles Brown’s Black Night, his solos dispensed with grit in favor of gorgeous tone. Later he stoked a slow burn on Automobile Blues and quicksilver runs sprinkled all over I’m Better Off. Even when he doesn’t open his mouth and delivered instrumentals like Blue Moon’s Indianola and Tangled Up from his Jing Chi 3D project with Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Haslip, there is a powerful sense of melody at work.

  The encore saw a segue of Elmore James’ Baby Please Set A Date into Jimmy Reed’s You Don’t Have To Go, perfectly matched. Sometimes when an artist bends genres it can be messy but Robben Ford has pulled it off successfully for years.

Published in Record Collector Magazine

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